Flügge (Shortfilm) – I shot last year – was collected at the Ausweg Gesucht Festival 2017.  Directing & Story: Alexander L. Schank Lilith: Anna-Maria Hadorn Watch here —> FlüggeContinue Reading
On the 13th and 14th of March the Performance Installation „Our sleep is more fragile than we are“ (Concept and Directing: Miriam Schmidtke) will be shown in the context of Digital Spring Media Festival 2018 in Salzburg.   Despite all efforts and modern research methods, sleep has not yet beenContinue Reading
Cast: Jon Kiriac, Alexander Leopold Schank, Helena Trieu, Jerry Trieu Directing & Story: Jerry & Helena Trieu Camera: Marco van OelContinue Reading
Recently I played one of the main characters (Andrea) in this remarkable piece „Shelter Square“. Synopsis: In the near future, a global catastrophe has decimated the population. Survivors are evacuated to the few cities that have not been destroyed. In the new economy all work is menial labor and havingContinue Reading