Recently I played one of the main characters (Andrea) in this remarkable piece „Shelter Square“. Synopsis: In the near future, a global catastrophe has decimated the population. Survivors are evacuated to the few cities that have not been destroyed. In the new economy all work is menial labor and havingContinue Reading
Recently I shot a film scene with the talented Hong Berghof. Synopsis: In a postapocalyptic world two strange women bump into each other while escaping from a cold-blooded enemy. Material is coming soon….Continue Reading
Self Made Shorty 2017 / Mein Traum – Neues aus der Traumfabrik: Anna tries to escape from her virtual self. Director: Monira KamalContinue Reading
Shortfilm Trailer „Flügge“ (Fledged): The protagonist tries to escape out of the pressure the society has made. But is it possible to exit this mirror cabinet or are we captured in ourselves? Story & Directing: Alexander L. SchankContinue Reading